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Yolo Carbon Farm Partnership

The Yolo Carbon Farming Partnership is a collaborative effort by the Center for Land-Based Learning, the Carbon Cycle Institute, Yolo Land Trust, and Yolo County RCD to rapidly increase the pace and scale of carbon farming in Yolo County. For decades, Yolo County has been a leader in agricultural land conservation. Agriculture and working lands are key tools in scaling up carbon sequestration. With 85 percent of Yolo County land designating for agricultural use, conservation and carbon farming on ag lands will build climate resilience and ecological health while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

The Yolo Carbon Farming Partnership will leverage extensive local expertise across the partner entities to provide technical assistance and training to develop and implement carbon-beneficial practices in Yolo County. Working alongside the Yolo Climate Action Plan, the Yolo Carbon Farming Partnership will inform the CAP process with lessons learning and opportunities for Yolo County farmers to implement carbon farming practices. The partners will develop three model Carbon Farm Plans to serve as the basis of trainings for Climate Action Plan related practices and development of monitoring protocols.

A key component and outcome of this partnership will be education, training, and technical assistance for Yolo County growers related to carbon farming practices and the development of whole farm Carbon Farm Plans.

To learn more about this program, contact

Conor Higgins, RCD Project Manager

Funding for this project is provided through Early Action Funding from the County of Yolo.

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