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Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management

Westside Sacramento IRWM

Regional Water Management

Watersheds, floodplains, and ecosystems extend beyond city, county, and agency boundaries. As such, water management is a complex and challenging process that requires regional partnerships, collaboration, and representation. Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) promotes collaborative efforts to identify and implement local water management solutions to address shared challenges and opportunities related to water supply, water quality, flood management, ecosystem health, climate change, and other social and economic objectives. A local leader in natural resource conservation, habitat restoration, and collaborative multi-partner projects, Yolo County RCD fulfills a vital role in this regional water planning initiative.

Westside Sac IRWM Boundaries

The Westside Sac IRWM region includes areas within Cache and Putah Creek watersheds including Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, Indian Valley Reservoir, Putah Creek, and Cache Creek. In addition to the four member counties (Lake, Napa, Solano, and Yolo), the region includes nine cities. The Westside Sac IRWM Plan outlines and addresses water conservation, water quality improvement, stormwater management, flood management, invasive species abatement, wetlands enhancements and protections, and more.

Yolo County RCD's Involvement

Yolo County RCD provides executive-level management services for the Westside Sac IRWM Coordinating Committee. The RCD provides meeting facilitation and support, offers strategic planning guidance, conducts local, regional, and state outreach, and administers all aspects of data and records management.

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