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Project Info

Project Description

In 2020, the Yolo County Resource Conservation District (YCRCD) was awarded a grant from the Wildlife Conservation Board Stream Flow Enhancement Program (Proposition 1 funding) to control giant reed (Arundo donax) in the Putah-Cache watershed. This plant uses five times as much water as other plants, is hghly flammable, can drive landscape flooding and erosion and provides almost no wildlife habitat. Removing it from our creeks and sloughs will free up more water for wildlife and agriculture and improve overall watershed function.

We will be working with our partners at the Solano Resource Conservation District, the Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, the Cache Creek Conservancy and the Putah Creek Council to control arundo and do restoration on some sites as needed.

Project goals are to:

    • Improve water reliability
    • Improve the amount, timing and quality of water in our streams
    • Restore native riparian ecosystems

If you are a landowner in the Putah-Creek Watershed, we are seeking your voluntary cooperation for this exciting project. There is no cost to participate and work will be completed by licensed contractors. Our goal is to enlist all property owners within this important watershed to maximize the control of this highly invasive species. If you would like more information and would like to sign up for this project, please contact Tanya Meyer, Program Manager at or (530)661-1688×20

Because this is such a large undertaking, we are working in phases. Phase I, which started in July 2020, is upper Putah Creek and lower Cache Creek as well as sloughs and tributaries. Click here to see a map of specific project areas in Yolo and Solano Counties. We will be working to eradicate 50 acres of arundo along 65 miles of creeks and sloughs.

Starting in the winter of 2022, there will be volunteer opportunities to re-vegetate some creeks and slough banks. To be notified of future project activities sign up for our constant contact.

Below are the permits that YCRCD and its partners and contractors must follow when implementing this project.

CDFW Streambed Alteration 1600 permit

NPDES Permit Putah Cache Watershed Arundo Program

YCRCD Arundo CEQA MND Initial Study

CVFPB Cache Creek

CVFPB Putah Creek