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November Fire Safe Council Meeting and Updates

This month, we have lots of new information to share with the Fire Safe Council!

First, we decided to not hold a FSC meeting in December, and our next meeting will be happening in January on the 26th from 4-5:30pm

This month, we were fortunate enough to have Megan Fitzgerald-McGowan of NFPA give a presentation to the council on the FireWise USA program developed by NFPA and what it takes to become a FireWise community. As well, she also gave a brief overview of NFPA’s “Assessing Structure Ignition Potential From Wildfire” training.

On top of this, we also had the opportunity to hear from Yolo RCD’s own Tanya Meyer and Heather Nichols on the progress of Yolo County’s CWPP project list! You can watch the entire meeting using the link below!

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