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Winter Rice Habitat Program Workshop

CDFW is accepting applications until February 11, 2019 for the new California Winter RIce Habitat Incentive Program. This Program will award $10/acre for winter flooding of rice based on competitive ranking criteria. There will be a grower workshop on Monday January 28th 10am-11:30am at the Colusa Casino. Please see the flyer.

Mobile Irrigation Lab

The Yolo County RCD is partnering with the RCD of Tehama to bring the services of the Mobile Irrigation Lab to gorwers in Yolo County. This is a limited program that will perform 10 irrigation evaluations per year for the next 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019).

This is a limited opportunity! If you are interested please contact Heather Nichols at Yolo County RCD, (530) 661-1688 ext. 12 or email her at For more information see the flyer.

Past Yolo County RCD Events

Yolo County RCD Receives Award


SACRAMENTO -The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has granted the 2013 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Innovator Award to five California businesses and organizations that use ‘greener’ methods to effectively control pests. This award is the department’s highest environmental honor.

The IPM approach employs monitoring, record keeping and other non-chemical means to help prevent and treat pest problems.

“DPR is pleased to honor these innovative organizations who are applying skills of observation and biology to address pest management challenges using approaches that are both effective and ecologically benign,” said DPR Director Brian Leahy.

Established in 1994, DPR has given more than 140 IPM Innovator Awards to organizations that take significant steps to reduce risks associated with pesticide use and share their research and practices with others.

The 2013 IPM award winners are:

  • IPM Advocates Program(Statewide): Trained volunteers assisted retail store employees in advocating for use of less-toxic products by store customers.

  • Contra Costa County Agriculture Department: Phased out 26 of 34 of their most hazardous pesticides, reduced use of the other eight by 83 percent and used other innovative techniques to detect and identify pests.

  • Scientific Methods, Inc. (Statewide): helped reduce insecticide used by California growers of almonds and other tree crops through monitoring and stringent integrated pest management practices.

  • UC Cooperative Extension, UC Berkeley, Yolo County RCD and Hedgerow Farms (Yolo County): Promoting and exploring the benefits of native plant hedgerows planted on farm edges to harbor beneficial insects, reduce pesticide use and provide other farm and ecosystem benefits.

  • Walnut Production Research Advisory Council Entomology Working Group (Tehama County): Helped walnut growers reduce pesticide use through techniques such as puffer technology to disrupt pest mating patterns.

For the full story see the California Department of Pesticide Regulation website at:

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