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Financial and Technical Assistance Available for Wildfire Resilience in Yolo County

The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) through NRCS is a partner driven approach to conservation that funds solutions to natural resource challenges on agricultural lands. Yolo County RCD is a part of the “Building Fire Resiliency in California’s Coast Range Forests and Grasslands” Project , a collaboration of partners and forest and range landowners with the goal of implementing conservation practices that will minimize wildfire impacts on human life and property. The project partnership received a five-year $4,922,235 grant from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide technical and financial assistance to reduce fuel loads, improve forest and rangeland health, and recover from wildfire damage in Colusa, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo Counties.

The partnership aims to minimize wildfire impacts on human life and property in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), restore natural fire regime patterns in undeveloped areas, and improve resource conditions following recent wildfires.

RCPP project funding will be available to eligible agricultural producers and landowners. NRCS will provide financial assistance on a competitive basis for approved conservation practices/activities for the purpose of addressing resource concerns.  Land and producer eligibility, adjusted gross income, and all other program criteria for participation must be met for a contract approval.

To learn more about the RCPP, visit your local NRCS office to speak with a Conservation Planner. For Yolo County, interested landowners can visit the Woodland Service Center at 221 West Court Street, Woodland, CA. Deadline to sign-up is April 7, 2023.


RCPP Conservation Practices:

106 Forest Management Plan – Written
110 Grazing Management Plan
112 Prescribed Burning Plan
314 Brush Management
315 Herbaceous Weed Control
326 Clearing and snagging
327 Conservation Cover
338 Prescribed Burning
342 Critical Area Planting
350 Sediment Basin
351 Water Well Decommissioning
382 Fence
383 Fuel Break
384 Woody Residue Treatment
390 Riparian Herbaceous Cover
391 Riparian Forest Buffer
393 Filter Strip
394 Fire Break
410 Grade Stabilization Structure
412 Grassed Waterway
430 Irrigation Pipeline *
441 Irrigation System, Microirrigation *
460 Land Clearing
468 Lined Waterway or Outlet
472 Access Control
484 Mulching
490 Tree/Shrub Site Preparation
500 Obstruction Removal
516 Livestock Pipeline
528 Prescribed Grazing
533 Pumping Plant
548 Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment
550 Range Planting
560 Access Road
561 Heavy Use Area Protection
574 Spring Development
578 Stream Crossing
580 Streambank and Shoreline Protection
612 Tree/Shrub Establishment
614 Watering Facility
642 Water Well (livestock only)
654 Road/Trail/Landing Closure and Treatment
655 Forest Trails and Landings
660 Tree/Shrub Pruning
666 Forest Stand Improvement