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Phil Hogan, District Conservationist, Woodland Service Center

Phil graduated from the School of Forestry and Natural Resources, Colorado State and has over 38 years of experience in natural resource planning and management.

He began his career as a Soil Conservation Technician in 1981, and became the NRCS District Conservationist for Yolo County in 1993. Phil oversees the administration of the USDA Farm Bill cost-share programs and technical services provided at the Woodland Service Center.

He is a Certified Conservation Planner and has extensive knowledge of Yolo County soils and land use, conservation planning for Yolo County cropland, GIS map creation, and professional-level photography.

Nick Gallagher, Rangeland Management Specialist, Woodland Service Center

Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with an emphasis on Wildland and Range Science from California State University, Chico. He started his career as a Rangeland Management Specialist at the Woodland Field Office in 2005.

He works with private landowners to develop conservation plans on farms and ranches that involve livestock operations. He works on irrigated pasture as well as upland rangeland in Yolo County.

Nick is a Certified Conservation Planner and has extensive experience writing prescribed grazing plans, habitat restoration plans, and conservation plans.

Corey Shake, Partner Biologist, Woodland Service Center Corey Point Blue Conservation Science Rangeland Watershed Initiative

Corey has two degrees in wildlife science; a bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho and a master’s from North Carolina State University, where he studied songbird use of habitats created in a farmland conservation program. He has extensive training and experience in planning conservation and monitoring projects, wildlife monitoring methods (particularly bird counts), and vegetation measurement.

Since 2013, Corey has worked as a Partner Biologist for Point Blue Conservation Science’s Rangeland Watershed Initiative. He works with landowners and livestock producers to improve ecosystem health on private farm and rangeland. He teams up with NRCS staff to implement on-the-ground conservation practices and management strategies.

Priscilla Benson, Program Assistant, NRCS State Office

Priscilla received her bachelor’s degree in Business and Human Resource Management. She has 18 years of administrative experience and is now managing programs for six counties. Her experience is invaluable for NRCS as Program Assistant, and is key to the progress of the Woodland Service Center.