Mark Cady

Mark Cady, Board President

Term: 2018 – 2022
Serving since: 2014

Mark Cady is a Senior Environmental Scientist for the Fertilizer Research and Education Program in the California Department of Food and Agriculture. He spent 14 years at Community Alliance for Family Farmers where he worked on sustainable farming practices with many growers in Yolo County and throughout the Central Valley. Mark has been a Yolo County resident for 34 years. He brings to the board his expertise in program development, agricultural production and environmental sustainability. He joined the board to promote resource conservation and to contribute to the sustainability of Yolo County agriculture.

Michael Turkovich, Board Secretary

Term: 2016 – 2020
Serving since: 2016

Mike Turkovich joined the board in 2016 inspired by his love of wildlife and conservation. Mike grew up on his family’s farm in Winters. In a management role now, he brings his farming perspective to the Board and understands the balance needed between conservation and livelihood.

Miranda Driver, Director

Term: 2018 – 2022 Serving since: 2018
Miranda joined the board in 2018. She is a co-founder of CalAgJobs, which offers employment services for the California agriculture industry. She handles marketing and the company’s online presence. As a consultant Miranda does design, marketing and research for ERA Economics, an agriculture and water firm that provides economic analysis to support agriculture and water resource industries. Miranda works with a wide variety of agriculture organizations and has an in depth understanding of the unique requirements for marketing for agribusiness companies. Miranda values the diverse agriculture community in Yolo County and hopes that her service to the RCD will help the community grow and flourish.
Anya Peron-Burdick

Anya Perron-Burdick, Director

Term: 2018 – 2022
Serving since: 2018

Anya Perron-Burdick is the Executive Director of the local nonprofit organization Yolo Farm to Fork. Yolo Farm to Fork supports edible school gardens and provides garden-centered and farm-based education to students. They are dedicated to bringing locally grown farm-fresh food to school meals and to reducing waste through recycling and composting. Anya has also worked on large scale invasive plant removal projects, riparian restoration and hedgerow projects with local, state and federal agencies and joined the RCD Board to help protect the diverse natural resources of Yolo County

Eric Willson

Eric Willson, Director

Term: 2018 – 2022
Serving since: 2018
Eric Willson joined the board as an associate director in 2020 and was elected as a director in 2021. Eric grew up in rural Mendocino County before attending UC Davis, where he studied Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, with an emphasis in agriculture and ecology. He currently works as a manager for Rominger Brothers Farms in Winters, growing tomatoes, rice, sunflowers, wheat, corn, safflower, almonds, and walnuts. The farm also maintains miles of hedgerows and several thousand acres of conservation-easement-protected foothills. Eric’s passion for farming and a thriving ecosystem brought him and his expertise to the Yolo County RCD.

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Associate Directors

The Yolo County Resource Conservation District (RCD) is soliciting applications for positions on the RCD Board. Directors contribute to discussions on local conservation issues and district operations. Directors are typically Yolo County farmers or individuals with an interest in conservation on working landscapes. To be eligible, applicants need to be a resident of Yolo County and to have an interest in local conservation issues. Board Members attend board meetings and contribute to discussions as diverse as water conservation, land use, agriculture, ranching, urban open space and wildlife habitat. If you are interested in serving, please contact Sheila Pratt at or call (530) 661-1688 ext. 17. Please note that all director and associate director positions are voluntary. To contact a member of the board of directors email Directors’ Handbook