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Supporting agriculture and conservation since 1955.

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Supporting agriculture and conservation since 1955.

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Supporting agriculture and conservation since 1955.

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Recent News

Interested in what’s happening at the RCD? See below for more information on upcoming meetings, workshops, volunteer events, and job opportunities.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:05pm in the Woodland Field Office conference room at 221 West Court St. Ste. 1, Woodland, CA. See the latest board meeting update.

Who We Are

Yolo County Resource Conservation District acts as a central hub for conservation, connecting our community and individuals with the technical, financial and educational resources they need.

What We Do

Yolo County RCD commits to protect, improve and sustain the natural resources of Yolo County by developing, evaluating and implementing conservation practices through cooperative land users, providing technical guidance and on-site expertise, educating agencies and the public in resource conservation and enhancement and sponsoring partnerships and networks.

Land Acknowledgement

The Yolo County RCD would like to acknowledge that, for thousands of years, this land has been the home of Patwin people, including the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation today. The Patwin people have remained committed to the stewardship of this land over many centuries. It has been cherished and protected, as elders have instructed the young through generations. We are honored and grateful to be working today on their traditional lands.

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