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Know Your Natives

Hello and Thank You for your interest in purchasing the new print edition of Know You Natives!

Printed copies can be picked up at our office. The cost is $38 each, plus tax for a total of $41.04 per copy. Please contact the RCD to arrange a pick up time.

To have a copy of Know Your Natives delivered to you, there is an additional shipping and handling fee of $10 for a total cost of $51.84. Please mail a check made out to Yolo County RCD to 221 West Court St. Ste. 1, Woodland, CA 95695. A copy will be mailed to you within 3 days of receiving your payment. Please contact us if you have any questions, (530) 661-1688 or info@yolorcd.org.


Online Publications

Know Your Natives

Know Your Natives CovverA pictorial guide to California native grasses. (Download a full version)


Bring Farm Edges Back to Life!

Bring Farm Edges Back to LifeEvery farmer has them: odd corners, strips of field, or ditch banks that are too awkward to farm economically. But you can’t just let them sit or they become noxious weed patches that compromise your operation. The Yolo County Resource Conservation District (RCD) recommends an alternative protocol for these spaces that not only suppresses weeds with less annual maintenance, but stabilizes the soil and brings wildlife and beneficial insects back to your farm. In this booklet you will find proven techniques for establishing hedgerows, tailwater and wildlife ponds, and permanent non-weedy vegetation on roadsides, canal banks, field edges and creeks. (Download a 7 page PDF exerpt)


Capay Valley Conservation and Restoration Manual

Capay Valley Conservation and Restoration Manual

Do you find yourself constantly battling unwanted weeds on your land? Are you tired of watching the stream erode and send your land downstream? Don’t know what to do about that gully that just gets larger every year? The Capay Valley Conservation and Restoration Manual provides over 30 potential solutions to these and many other resource concerns in Capay Valley. (Download the 132 page PDF)


Capay Valley Watershed Stewardship Plan

Capay Valley Watershed Stewardship PlanThe Capay Valley Watershed Stewardship Plan is a project and program guidance document for the Cache Creek Watershed Stakeholders Group, which holds as its mission "To enhance and protect watershed resources by bringing together all interested parties in a collaborative process that promotes watershed stewardship through community outreach and cooperative planning and implementation of projects, while respecting public and private property rights." (Download the 62 page PDF)


Monitoring Your Farm

Monitoring Your FarmThis manual is a guide to tracking and understanding the resources and wildlife on your land utilizing low-cost, low-tech equipment and easy methods with minimal time input. (Download the 127 page PDF)


Welcome to the Watershed

Welcom to the WatershedThis directory and guide draws on the amazing work of various watershed groups throughout the country. The goal of this project is to introduce Yolo County residents to the efforts and accomplishments of these groups. We hope that this document provides a guide to County resources and issues and inspires residents to take conservation into their own hands. The document serves as a directory of contact information for local organizations so that landowners may leverage their efforts with others. (Downlaod the 62 page PDF)


Willow Slough Watershed Integrated Resources Management Plan

Willow Slough Watershed Integrated Resources Management Plan

The goal of this plan is to enhance the natural resources of Yolo County through integrated management of natural resources on individual farms and throughout the watershed using voluntary, small-scale measures that can be implemented by individual landowners. The resources and problems that could be jointly managed include storm water, erosion, sedimentation, agriculture, wildlife habitat, and groundwater recharge. (Download the 302 page PDF)






California Native Grass

Hummingbird Poster

Hummingbird Garden


CA Herb

Garden Herb


Oak Community Poster

California Oak Woodland Community

CA Oaks Poster

Native Oaks of California