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Watershed Coordination

Willow Slough

The purpose of this project is to develop and work with a three watershed groups, one for each of three sub-watersheds. The sub-watersheds included in this project are Lamb Valley Slough, Lower Willow Slough, and Chickahominy Slough. The work includes facilitating meetings to create and define goals for a watershed management plan for each of the three sub-watersheds. The watershed groups will consist of private landowners, community groups and public agencies with an interest in each watershed. The watershed coordinator will work with each watershed group to define clear goals for the watershed. Each group will develop project ideas, or actions, to meet the defined goals. These projects can be the restoration of native vegetation, implementing conservation plans, completing erosion control projects, and any other projects that the group sees fit to improve the quality and sustainability of the watershed.

Completed Projects

Colusa Basin

Using the Colusa Basin Watershed Assessment, the Yolo County RCD’s watershed coordinator will work with the CCRCD’s watershed coordinator to develop an associated watershed plan as well as guide the plan’s development, outreach and implementation in the southern portion of the 3-county watershed.

Start Date: September 2008

End Date: June 2012

Hungry Hollow

Guide the development and initial implementation of a Hungry Hollow Watershed Stewardship Plan in partnership with the Hungry Hollow landowner group and other local entities within the area.

Start Date: September 2008

End Date: June 2012

Capay Valley Riparian Vegetation Management

We have secured the interest of over 30 willing private and public landowners representing more than 65 properties along Cache Creek and two tributaries in Capay Valley. Part of this coordination is to develop a watershed-wide strategic plan for managing Arundo and Tamarisk and other riparian weeds.

Start Date: 2005

End Date: 2009

Cache Creek Geomorphic Assessment & Local Youth Stream Monitoring in Capay Valley

The assessment evaluated and quantified historic chagnes in hydrologic and geomorphic conditions along the 33-miles Capay Valley reach of Cache Creek in response to changes in land-use and water development.

Start Date: December 2007

End Date: April 2010