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Water Quality & Management

Yolo Creek and Community Partnership

The Yolo RCD is nearing the end of its first year of a Partnership made possible by a grant from the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Community Fund. The RCD, Center for Land Based Learning, Audubon Working Waterways Program, and Putah Creek Council have been funded as a partnership, with a commitment for 3 years to improve the health and function of Yolo County waterways to benefit wildlife, support agricultural values and foster community cooperation. Funding from the Community Fund is supporting a 4 acre habitat project on the Cottonwood Slough and through other partners on Willow Slough and Union School as well. The RCD is working closely with the landowner and farmer to plan and implement riparian habitat enhancement on a relatively natural section of the Slough. Heavy erosion immediately downstream of a bridge on County Road 89 will be stabilized and the landowner has agreed to take some land out of production to slope back the channel for planting native trees and understory shrubs and groundcover. Ecosystem services provided by the project include improving a critical wildlife corridor for birds and pollinators as well as reducing erosion and improving water quality.

Completed Projects

Yolo-Colusa Mobile Water Lab

The Yolo-Colusa Mobile Water Lab, operated by the Yolo County RCD, conducts field evaluations of irrigation system distribution uniformity (DU).  DU is a measure of the uniformity with which irrigation water is distributed to different areas in a field.

Yolo-Solano Agricultural Water Quality Management Support Program

The project provided financial and technical support for on-farm water quality management practice in Yolo and Solano Counties. Water quality management practice included sediment traps, grassed waterways, vegetated ditches and cover crops.

Vegetated Agricultural Drainage Ditches

This collaborative, research/ demonstration project installed and tested the effectiveness of vegetated field drainage ditches field-tested in local fields planted with alfalfa and processing tomatoes.