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IPM-Hedgerow Grant

IPM-Hedgerow Grant
Project Information
Client California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Type Research/demonstration project
Size Five Hedgerows of ~1,500 ft. length
Location Along five farm borders in Yolo County
Status Completed 1999

From 1996-1999, the YOLO RCD's Hedgerow grant brought together farmers, pest control advisors, and agency specialists to create five hedgerows as reduced-risk, sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems. This program aimed to resolve real and perceived IPM issues through demonstration and research. Formal and informal workshops, newsletters, media coverage, and group presentations built on five years of "Farming with Wildlife" workshops and numerous local farm tours. Products of the program included an instructional 10-minute "Hedgerow Installation" video, a brochure on "Hedgerow Establishment: Practices and Costs for Field Crop Farms in the Sacramento Valley," and several published articles.