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Capay Valley Riparian Vegetation Management

Capay Valley Riparian Vegetation Management
Project Information
Client CA Wildlife Conservation Board 2005-2009
Type Watershed coordination project
Size 33 miles of creek and surrounding area
Location Capay Valley
Status Completed

We have secured the interest of over 30 willing private and public landowners representing more than 65 properties along Cache Creek and two tributaries in Capay Valley. We are also coordinating with every other organization currently conducting vegetation management work in the watershed. Part of this coordination is to develop a watershed-wide strategic plan for managing Arundo and Tamarisk and other riparian weeds. Through site visits, questionnaires and aerial survey analysis (supplied by USDA ARS) we have categorized major infestations along the creek and on the properties of cooperating landowners in terms of degree of infestation, related erosion, interest in revegetation and control. We have already treated eleven miles, or about 130 acres, of riparian weeds along Cache Creek.

Over the course of this project, we expect to treat a total of approximately 760 acres over the life of the entire project. This number may increase due to increasing participation over time. Restoration will be conducted on 20 acres in phase one, and a total of 150 acres during the larger project.