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Watershed Coordination of Willow Slough

Project Summary
Type Watershed Coordination
Project Lead Chris Robbins
Partner Natural Resources Conservation Service

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to develop and work with three watershed groups, one for each of three sub-watersheds. The sub-watersheds included in this project are Lamb Valley Slough, Lower Willow Slough, and Chickahominy Slough. The work includes facilitating meetings to create and define goals for a watershed management plan for each of the three sub-watersheds. The watershed groups will consist of private landowners, community groups and public agencies with an interest each watershed. The watershed coordinator will work with each watershed group to define clear goals for the watershed. Each group will develop project ideas, or actions, to meet the defined goals. These projects can be the restoration of native vegetation, implementing conservation plans, completing erosion control projects, and any other projects that the group sees fit to improve the quality and sustainability of the watershed.

Project Description

Start date July 2008
End date December 2012
Type of Activity
  • Facilitate goal-setting meetings with a Lamb Valley Slough watershed group.
  • Define group vision and goals.
  • Develop a list of ideas and actions for the watershed group.
  • Develop success criteria for the ideas and actions.
  • List of funding a option, technical support, and logistical support for each action.
  • Complete watershed work plan.
  • Identify potential project sites with landowners, organizations, and agencies.
  • Coordinate with and assist landowners in completing projects.
  • To be determined after watershed group goal setting meetings.
  • To be determined.


Site Name

Various Locations

Address N/A
Tract/APN N/A
Size (acres) N/A



Map Showing the Willow Slough Watershed

Map Showing the Willow Slough Watershed