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Watershed Coordination of Colusa Basin

Project Summary
Report date September 8, 2008
Type Watershed Coordination
Project Lead Heather Nichols-Crowell
Partner Mary Fahey, Colusa County RCD

Project Overview

Using the Colusa Basin Watershed Assessment, the YCRCD’s watershed coordinator will work with the CCRCD’s watershed coordinator to develop an associated watershed plan as well as guide the plan’s development, outreach and implementation in the southern portion of the 3-county watershed.  The YCRCD-based watershed coordinator will augment the current Colusa Basin efforts with resources and research on innovative farmland protection/viability techniques and easement structures, project monitoring, and long-term funding strategies for the watershed plan.

Project Description

Start date September 2008
End date June 2012
Type of Activity
  • Coordination, Outreach, Planning, Project Monitoring, Researching and Writing Grants
  • Adoption of a stakeholder-approved Colusa Basin Watershed Plan and one sub-watershed action.
  • Obtain the needed financial, physical, and technical resources (approximate value $50,000-$100,000) for five small projects.
  • 50 Watershed guides and 20 welcome baskets distributed in the watershed.
  • At least three funded watershed implementation projects and submission of two proposals to support watershed coordination.
  • At least two new landowners meeting with Land Trust or developing easement plans.
  • Develop stakeholder-approved Colusa Basin watershed and Yolo County subwatershed action plans. 
  • Identify critical projects 
  • Help watershed residents match resources, guide implementation, and monitor projects for success
  • Extend the ‘Welcome to the Watershed’ program to the Colusa Basin watershed.
  • Coordinate watershed education field meetings and presentations for watershed groups to demonstrate successful projects and techniques.
  • Identify, pursue, and obtain funding for continued watershed work and coordination for the Colusa Basin watershed in partnership with watershed partners.


Site Name

Colusa Basin- Yolo County


[JSA] Jones and Stokes.  2001.  Environmental Assessment for Proposed Restoration on the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge.  Prepared for the USFWS, Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge. Willows, California.