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City of Woodland Weed Management at County Road 102

Project Summary
Type Non-Native Invasive Species Mangement
Project Lead Chris Robbins
Partner City of Woodland

Project Overview

The Yolo County Resource Conservation District will work under an existing Memorandum of Understanding to provide vegetation management along Road 102. The purpose of the project is to provide weed control in the ditch adjacent to the Alkali Grasslands Preserve, an ecologically sensitive area. This will consist of two primary tasks Management and Maintenance. Management will consist of administration, planning and coordination. Maintenance will include physical and chemical weed control.

Project Description

Start date August 2010
End date August 2012
Type of Activity
  • Mechanical removal of appropriate weed material 2 to 4 times per year. This will include use of hand tools and gas powered string trimmers.
  • Spot-treatment of non-native/invasive weeds 2 to 4 times per year with an herbicide approved for use around wetlands (i.e. Glyphosate product such as Aquamaster®, Telar® or other herbicides as appropriate to species present). Backpack sprayers and hand-wicks will be utilized for more precise application. Herbicide applications will be timed according to optimal plant growth stage and weather conditions
  • Monitoring of treatment success and re-treatment as necessary.
  • Apply herbicide to Perennial Pepperweed and other invasive plants in the 2.4 acre area along Road 102. This task will occur immediately after approval of the Scope of Work and will be repeated as necessary to eradicate Perennial Pepperweed.
  • Invoices and summary reports will be sent to the City contact after herbicide application is completed each season at a frequency of no more than monthly.

The long term goal is to reduce or eliminate non-native and invasive plants species.


Site Name

Road 102

Address Road 102 between Farmers Central Rd and County Rd 25, Woodland, CA 95776
Size (acres) 2.4 acres