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Planning & Management

Planning photoThe Yolo County Resource Conservation District (Yolo County RCD) has extensive experience in data collection, site assessments, and management plans. Working closely with landowners and our partners in the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the Yolo County RCD has a proven track record in transforming project objectives into successful on-site implementation.

Our well-qualified staff develops site-specific plans to meet multiple objectives such as flood protection, erosion control, wildlife habitat, and water quality. We place the project in the context of a landowner’s land use needs and the qualities of the landscape such as soils, hydrology, and topography. Using this information, we can develop restoration management plans that maximize plant establishment and wildlife benefit while incorporating the landowner’s production goals.

Our reputation for providing agency approved, cost effective, ecologically sound solutions has greatly increased the demand for our project development and implementation services. Yolo County RCD staff has extensive grant writing, management, reporting, and publication experience. We consistently collaborate with a wide variety of partners including nonprofits, university researchers, county and state agencies.

Planning photoThe Yolo County RCD can help landowners navigate the maze of regulations to get conservation projects completed. We have experience with a variety of permits and environmental compliance. Our permit coordination program is based on a model of coordinated, multi-agency regulatory review developed by Sustainable Conservation and RCDs on the California Central Coast. The program provides a more accessible permitting process to farmers and ranchers while being protective of ecological resources. Through the program, regulatory agencies issue permits to the Yolo County RCD/NRCS that cover projects on private lands provided landowners work under the supervision and sponsorship of the Yolo County RCD and/or NRCS. Yolo County RCD staff also has experience with various permits and processes such as NEPA/CEQA, Safe Harbor, Encroachment, Streambank Alteration, and others.