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Conservation Planning

Conservation Planning on Your Land: Yolo County Self Assesment Workbook

Conservation Planning WorkbookConservation Planning is a voluntary process that helps you develop a record of your natural resources management decisions. The conservation applied on private lands provides benefits to all citizens by reducing soil erosion, improving water quality and quantity, enhancing wildlife habitat, maintaining open spaces and aesthetic landscapes, and improving the health of the land for future generations.

This workbook will help you collect the information you need to complete a conservation plan. The questions are designed to gather information about your land, objectives, and management. This record, a Conservation Plan, combines selected conservation practices into a system, which is laid out in a reasonable schedule that fits your timetable.

Conservation Videos

More information and videos can be found on the NRCS California YouTube Channel or Website

This video features Yolo County farmer Dave Batcheller, who was experiencing a drainage problem on his small livestock farm. Conservationist Wendy Rash turned this into an opportunity for planning and she and Batcheller embarked on a process of defining goals and options for the farm. From there they work with NRCS Engineer Ha Truong to design and create a mini wetlands with a very natural look that the landowner really loves. They planted native trees, shrubs and flowers that have helped bring pollinators and wildlife like beaver to the farm. The plan is the right thing to do, says Batcheller. He says the ranch is more efficient and he also enjoys giving a few of the corners of the farm to wildlife. To have someone help out with the knowledge, the information, the funds--it was just something I wouldn't have known how to do on my own, summarizes Batcheller.