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Celebrating Gio Ferrendelli's 10 years at the RCD

g At the November meeting, after ten years of service on the RCD Board of Directors, President Gio Ferrendelli handed over the gavel and is stepping down from the RCD Board. It is with gratitude and sincere appreciation that we thank Gio for his leadership in guiding the district through several dynamic chapters. After starting as an Associate Director in November 2008, he quickly stepped into a Director position. By the time he was voted in a Board President in 2011, the RCD was continuing to recover from the effects of the recession while undergoing a number of changes in staff. Gio led the Board through a grassroots strategic planning process, and has been a steady force in overseeing our organizational capacity building efforts to meet the current needs of the community. Under his leadership, the RCD is currently working on 30 conservation projects and collaborating with more partners and organizations than ever before. Projects underway include planning and implementing farm-edge conservation practices with local farmers and ranchers, agricultural lease management on public lands, regional water management planning coordination, trialing carbon sequestration and climate smart agriculture practices, supporting post-wildfire recovery, planning for wildfire prevention, and managing and enhancing public and private open spaces throughout the County.

Gio embodies the core values of the RCD when he states, "I believe a healthy and vibrant agricultural industry is fundamental to our American lifestyle, and it is incumbent that we create and nurture this industry while maintaining the health and diversity of our natural environment. I firmly believe that we in agriculture must proactively develop methods to farm efficiently and economically while having a minimal negative impact on our
environment". Thank you Gio, for your countless volunteer hours of service to support our mission!


Ha Truong to State Office ha

The RCD would like to thank and congratulate our longtime colleague on the federal side of the office - after 17 years serving the Woodland Field Office, NRCS Ag Engineer Ha Truong has accepted a promotion to serve at the State Office in Davis. Ha will be missed by all Field Office staff and the many farmers he has assisted over the years!

If you need technical assistance for irrigation projects, please contact Soil Conservationist Fanny Ye at (530) 207-6528 or Fanny.Ye@ca.usda.gov.

A farewell gathering for both Gio and Ha is scheduled for December 19th at 6pm in Woodland. If you would like to attend, please contact Phil Hogan at (530) 207-6526 or Sheila Pratt at pratt@yolorcd.org.


Introduction to Bird Watching er

Sunday, Dec. 2nd, 8:30 am at East Regional Pond, Road 102 and Farmers Central, Woodland

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to access the East Regional Pond's trails that are not normally open to the public. Join RCD's Jeanette Wrysinski and Yolo Audubon expert Ken Ealy and Carlos Castaneda to learn about this co-beneficial stormwater habitat project and get an introduction to bird watching!

The pond attracts many species of both resident and migratory birds, incuding American Avocet, Red-triled Hawk, Killdeer, Canada Geese, Great and Snowy Egrets, duck and other water birds.

Some binoculars will be available for use. Strong winds or heavy rain cancels. Children over 5 years old are welcome. For more information, call Ken Ealy at (530) 219-1217.


Lunch and Learn on the Farmll

Friday, Dec. 7th, 12-4 pm at River Garden Farms, 41758 County Road 112, Knights Landing

Learn about the Healthy Soils Incentives Program, Central Valley Habitat Exchange, and other conservation projects including floodplain management for fish food, riparian buffers and cover cropping in rice. Local experts from NRCS, RCD, NCAT and UCCE will be available for questions. While the workshop is free, RSVP is requested. This workshop has been approved for 2 CCA Soil & Water credits. CURES credits applied and pending.

Mobile Irrigation Lab

The Yolo County RCD is partnering with the RCD of Tehama County to bring the services of the Mobile Irrigation Lab to growers in Yolo County. This service provides on-site evaluations of agricultural irrigation systems to determine efficiency rating and application rate. The goal is to give growers an overall snapshot of their irrigation system, provide scheduling information and give recommendations to imiprove efficiency.



Past News

On-Farm Clean Energy

NET ENERGY METERING AGGREGATION allows electrical customers greater flexibility in their siting and usage of renewable energy facilities. It can significantly reduce your electricity costs and make a renewable energy installation more economical.

This new feature of California’s Net Energy Metering program was added early in 2014 through the passage of Senate Bill
594 (Wolk) and the advocacy of CalCAN and other agriculture representatives.

For more information visit CalCAN


Healthy Soils, Quality Food

Scott Park, of Park Farming, has discovered the connection between healthy soils, a healthy environment and high-quality

products on his Sutter County, California farm. That connection benefits both his operation and the local cannery that

purchases his processing tomato product. https://www.youtube.com/user/NRCSCalifornia


Conservation Agriculture Videos Featuring Yolo County Farmers

The second segment of the Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation (CASI) six-part video documentary is on the CASI website, http://CASI.ucanr.edu. California farmers have tended to adopt “clean cultivation” systems, but research has shown that maintenance of residues from the previous crop or a winter cover crop helps improve soil and reduces evaporation from the surface.