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The Yolo County Resource Conservation District (Yolo County RCD) employs a watershed-level approach for an integrated assessment of resource inputs, outputs, and impacts.

To promote good stewardship we:

  • Employ staff with training in a variety of disciplines and successful grant-writing, planning, permitting, outreach, and implementation experience
  • Develop, evaluate, and implement conservation practices with cooperative land users
  • Provide technical guidance, and on-site implementation expertise
  • Develop funding to aid with emerging regulations and technology
  • Sponsor partnerships and networks
  • Planning and Management
    • Grant Writing, Project Management and Report Preparation
    • Restoration, Conservation Plans and Revegetation
    • Permit Coordination and Safe Harbor Solutions
  • Project Implementation
    • Bioengineering Projects
    • Water Quality Solutions (sediment traps, vegetated drainage ditches, cover crops, filter strips, and tailwater ponds)
    • Riparian, Upland, and Wetland Restoration
    • Native Plant Landscaping and Revegetation
    • Weed Management Strategies and Weed Control
  • Studies and Monitoring
    • Site Assessments
    • Monitoring Plans
    • GPS Fieldwork and GIS Mapping
    • Water Quality Testing, Irrigation Water Evaluations and Management
    • Data Collection (soils, wildlife, plants, invasive weeds, photo monitoring, endangered species, surveys, etc.)
  • Outreach and Education
    • Workshops and Events
    • Newsletter, Website, and Publications
    • Site Tours and School Field Days
    • Farm Preservation and Conservation Easement Support